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Our Impact

Community Impact

Through collaboration and partnerships with dozens of wonderful organizations, Healthy Community Initiative’s investments of dollars, time, and knowledge have made a real difference in the lives of young people in the Rice County area.

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Securing Grants

HCI has helped bring in nearly $20 million in grants from outside Rice County to benefit local youth and families

Closing Graduation Gaps

TORCH (Northfield) and RISE (Faribault) collectively served 500+ students in grades 6-12 who are low-income, students of color, and/or potential first-generation college attendees

Supporting the Community

Growing Up Healthy assisted 40+ mobile home residents with young children in improving the safety and energy efficiency of their homes

Disposing of Old Medication

The Take It To The Box program has safely collected and disposed of more than 35,000 pounds of unneeded medication since 2009

Engaging Youth

Supported 160 Rice County youth serving on 39 boards, commissions, and committees through Youth on Boards in Northfield and Faribault

Training Community Members

HCI hosted 34 Mental Health First Aid training events in 2022 that helped 888 community members identify and respond to individuals with mental health concerns

Working with Families

HCI connected 100+ Family, Friend, and Neighbor childcare providers to First Aid/CPR or other early learning programs and training in 2022

Improving Graduation Rates

98% of TORCH seniors graduated on time in 2022, with a total of 739 graduates over the past 18 years

Report to the Community

Read our latest Report to the Community to learn about HCI’s initiatives and how we are building communities that support and improve the lives of youth and families.

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