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Virtual Toolkit for HCI Hosts

Thank you for agreeing to host an HCI Virtual event! We have included TIPS and RESOURCES on this page that will help you host your event.  Please reach out to us with additional questions, the need for paper copies or if you need technical assistance. Contact

Tips for Hosting

Set Up For Success

  • Choose a date and time that works best for you and your guests. Recommended dates April 5th – April 30th, 2021.
  • Use a platform you are comfortable with. There are great options available including Zoom, Google Meet, & Microsoft Teams.
  • Reach out for support! Ask a tech-savvy guest or HCI for assistance if you need it. Contact Sandy Malecha if you would like to practice your technical skills.
  • Send an event reminder to your guests 1 week in advance & the day before.
  • Choose a well-lit, comfortable area and encourage your guests to do the same.
  • Reduce background noise so your guests can hear you clearly.
  • Have fun! You are doing amazing work to support children, youth, and families in our community!

Tips for Inviting Guests

  • Practice – Spend a couple minutes reviewing HCI’s website – including the vision/mission and HCI’s supported programs – before sending invitations to your prospective guests. Personalize your message to invitees to include a note about why you’re excited to support HCI. Consider what could be accomplished with more community support.
  • Make Connections – Connect your prospective guests’ interests with HCI’s mission. Highlight HCI’s programs and priorities you feel will best resonate with your guests. 
  • Be Clear – Let your guests know what to expect. Share your hope to educate them about the impactful work HCI is doing in their community. Help them understand that there will be a low pressure OPTIONAL request for their financial support. 
  • Have a Backup Plan – What if your prospective guest says (s)he/they cannot attend your event? It doesn’t have to be a complete loss. Be ready to offer alternative ideas such as, “Do you know anyone who would appreciate an invitation?” or “Can I send you some materials to look over when it is convenient for you?”
  • Thank them! No matter their RSVP, the opportunity to talk with community members about HCI raises awareness in the community.

Making the Most of Your Event

  • Build your case for support – While sharing the Digital Resources available on this webpage (videos, HCI-supported programs document, etc.), confidently talk about HCI’s mission, impact, and progress. Let guests know where they can find more information about HCI in general or more specifics about a program that piqued their interest.
  • Be prepared to share your reasons for supporting HCI – Share your insight, experience, and stories that connect you to HCI’s mission. If they motivated you to donate, they may inspire others, too.

2 Ways to Donate

Make it easy! Let guests know that donations can be made online or by mail. Remind your guests that individuals who give $200 or more will receive some cool HCI swag!

Digital Resources

Before the Event

  • Social Media Toolkit (suggested posts and images for Facebook/Instagram to promote the event)
  • Background Image for Google Meet or Zoom, or whichever platform you choose to use. (This is an option for hosts who would like to use a background image on their screen during the event.)
  • Digital Invitation to email to guests (or, download text for copy/paste)
  • Option 3 Email Template for Hosts (coming soon)

During the Event

After the Event